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Our Business
    Green Lake was started since 1999 and expands its business in 2009. With the nature of business
in selling variety of high quality of aquarium accessories, fish food and ornamental fish stocks which is
include breeding and trading Arowana around the domestic country. Without fear with any challenge that
comes around, we have a vision to move forward in expanding the business in giving the opportunity for
those who interested especially wholesaler.

Our Arowana
    We keep passionate and persistence  in focusing
in breeding and trading Arowana, we specializing
provide a groupís of fascinating Asian arowana that
have different names and size such as Blue Base,
Full Gold, Malaysia (Kedah) Nami Green, High Back,
Yellow Tail, Green Arowana and Red Arowana. The
qualities of Arowana that we have are in highest
value and affordable price. As for outstanding
record, we achieved a high demand of 3 types of
Arowana which is Blue Base Arowana, High Back
Arowana and Full Gold Arowana.
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Our Fish Farm
    Fish farm is located in Kedah, northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. The farm stay next to the native
forest so that our ponds are supplied with the most pure and abundance source of clear water for best
quality of Asian Arowana. To guarantee our Arowana are the best, the fish farms are be monitor by fish
expert in order to make sure the Arowana feel comfortable and healthy.
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