Our Product
    Our plastic products serve the outstanding durability, enhanced performance and good quality. The mission of GL (Plastic) Sdn Bhd is to show the positive attitude for performing good quality products that meet customerís requirement, besides to prove our expertise in extending unsurpassed precision in plastic molding quality. Click for more details...
Our Vision
    Our vision is to make sure our continuously growth would able to ensure us to be the best choice for our customers. We increase our ability to provide the complete range of quality service at reasonable prices. Furthermore, we are welcoming to the original equipment manufacturer or OEM too. So, with the knowledge
and experience that we do have, clientís satisfaction is guaranteed.
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Our Business
    GL (Plastic) Sdn Bhd is a plastic manufacturing company which provides custom made plastic injection molding for various kind of plastic product. The varieties of our products undergo constant and continuous innovation processes to stimulate the growth of the product range. We consistently
upgrade our technical skills to the latest and highest production tools to give 100% quality toward valued clients.

Base on the demand that we gained and the team that we have, we enhance the capacity of production in order to fulfill the demands from clients. All of our plastic products undergo initial, middle to the finishing process by well- trained technical support to ensure each of our products fulfill the local and international requirement.
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