This species got similar appearance with greenie, both distinguishing difference between a standard at the fins and scales; greenie carried strong green with a transparent sense, but Yellow Tail carried pinkish scales and also because of its long anal fin, dorsal fin, caudal fin all appeared yellow, usually given well-known nickname "yellow tail arowana".
    Kedah state has their Arowana to be highlighted. There is rare types of Arowana called Nami Green found near Pedu Lake or also known as Nami Dam by nearby residents located in Kedah northern state of Malaysia. Actually, the lake is part of Muda Dam located at North West from the Alor Setar town center and it's next with well known Pedu Lake of Kedah State.

   When Nami Green Arowana grows older, the batik stripes will be obviously appearing prominent over the whole of body. Furthermore, there are no differences exist between Nami Green Arowana with Green Arowana while itís still babiesí level.  The stripes at the gill of Nami Green Arowana become more appearing when growth 12" inches and the batik stripes will appear fully existed when Nami Green Arowana growing till 16" inches.  When Nami Green Arowana growth until that size the difference between Nami Green Arowana and Green Arowana can be seen and find out clearly.

   Meanwhile, temperature of water suitable with Nami Green Arowana live within 26 Celsius - 28 Celsius with PH water within
6.0 - 6.5. The temperature water and PH water have to in the exactrange to remain the quality of Green Nami Arowana in good condition.

   Apart from that, this Nami Green Arowana has batik pattern on its gills and scales look tremendous extra - ordinary. This is among
the unique species of Asian Arowana that have in the market.

   Moreover, due to this wide distribution, there are many color varieties for Nami Green Arowana. Actually, most Nami Green Arowana are just green/ grey-ish but some  Nami Green Arowana have a deep purple base color which obviously increases market value of such fish.

Nami Green Arowana becomes extinction
   In this modernization, Nami Green Arowana is slowly died out because the attitude of anglers or fisherman that uncontrolled catches fish without guidance. Itís totally different in 15 years ago, when this species are being sold for only RM 18 each. But 6 years ahead,  the price extremely change and increased from RM 40 for each Nami Green Arowana being sold  till reach thousand of ringgit for  nowadays price.

   Actually, breeding for Nami Green Arowana are very promising for the one time because the lack of anglers or fisherman awareness to remain the species for the future itís suddenly changes and become Nami Green Arowana species extinction day by day.
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