It is also one of the more popular fish among Asian Arowanas, largely because of their auspicious color. With its full red fins even when young and red lips and barbels, no hobbyists will be able to resist the temptation to own one of them. It is believed that it will bring prosperity and wealth to the owner. There are few different varieties of Red Arowanas namely Blood Red, Chili Red, Orange Red and the Golden Red. In recent years, Chili Red, Blood Red, Orange Red and Golden Red are grouped together and termed Super Red or `First Grade Red'.
    Red-Tail Arowana are common Asian Arowana. Their scales gradually become gold as they mature and the fins are red in
colour. The red-tail will have red-coloured fins and tail with shiny body scales when matures.

    The Green Arowana has a greyish green body with a dark striped greyish green tail. Shape of this variety is a big difference as compared to other varieties with its head or mouth portion being larger and rounder. It is one of the most affordable type of Asian Arowana.

It is considered the lowest grade of the Asian Arowana. It scales are silvery-white to white color with slightly green fins. It is also the cheapest of the Asian Arowana and not a protected species. But it still have a quantity of a fine Arowana.

Green Arowana is found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The scales are not bright and often translucent with some grey or green color. The color is even throughout the body (no dark-top). The tail can be grey, purplish-grey or green in color. This fish is generally shorter then its Asian relatives. This is the most affordable Asian arowana.

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